My trail towards cooking

   I fell asleep on a Christmas night waiting for Santa to astonish me with his love filled gifts from his toy factory, and down on the track when I woke up I found none under the bottom of the Xmas tree that I had decorated a day before. With a long face I ran to my mother pestering her ‘mama am I being punished for Christmas’.


            My mother was preparing my favorite breakfast of honey filled rich raspberry pancake, lavishing it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream  on top, all of a sudden I asked my mother, mama sprinkle some cinnamon and cardamom it will soothe the taste bladder. My mother was shocked with my reciprocal words as she was habituated of adding vanilla extract instead of the customary spices. She tasted and saluting me, commented  ‘baby this is your gift for Christmas from Santa’. Dawn the age of delicious cooking began in my house. (sorry for boasting)

            I can hardly comment whether it’s in my genes or I have learned to adore the taste of food.  I adorned  my platter earlier with my creative thought and I can remember always being caught as a child in the kitchen trying to make up some sort of imaginative recipe. None that which would work, but none the less would daresay I had enough bravery to taste it, nonetheless.

            Soaked with sweat after baking bread at hardly at the age of 15, I can’t call myself a child prodigy as the kids of Australia’s Junior Master chef  but I was filled with pride when I broke the perfect bread into two. It took courage for me to step towards learning how to cook.

            My bladder for food will always be on a journey to ravish the fusion of the wonder’s of the world. I first discovered the passion for cooking when my aunt an expert culinary home cook tagged me  as a whiz kid when I served her Malabar style prawn curry which made her day.

            Cooking is an art in which I have such immense interest. Not only does it compliment to art, and music, it creates satisfaction for your body and mind. The trials of cooking to perfect that right ingredient to make that prefect recipe are satisfying to me. As cooking very much relates to life itself, I have found myself driven more passionately towards cooking than ever. I simply enjoy the creativity of experimenting with new recipes.

            Sometimes it is a challenge if there is something I find in a restaurant and would like to recreate at home and I find that challenge fun.

            With exposure for different styles of cooking under the nook of my nose I can feel that I can recreate my own style of  Mediterranean or continental or European cooking. My parents usually don’t fervor western cuisine but after my creation of Bolognese with fettuccine pasta my dad especially became an ardent fan towards Italian food which made him taste Lasanya from Little Italy at Atlantic Hotel.

I will obviously strive zealously towards my dream of Rendezvous for Italian khanna at some point of time. My dream of going to Italy under the dusk of the Valeggio Sul Mincio masticating spaghetti drizzled in red sause and sipping red wine, ah! don’t know where exactly it will land me.

Cooking is fun, experimenting is fun and so life be as such..



“Adam: Shove your cloak of Chastity ”

On the new year’s eve mass our Parish Priest customary dreary sermon pulled my attention towards his pervert view on unblemished worldly desires, this term is normally used towards nuns and priests who long the way towards hymns and religious orders. His repetitive spark on the word I felt must have been heard by the non catholic neighbours of our cathedral compound celebrating the gushing of year 2013.feminism1

The next day with my hot chocolate milk in hand and a nice futon to relax on, I embarked on musing over the reiterating talk on chastity by my priest last night. For centuries difference between men and women were socially defined and distorted through a lens of sexism in which men assumed superiority over women, but now we live in an age of egalitarianism, giving an opening to live and let live, which pretentiously is lost in our country.

The capital was closed for a day in mourning Damini’s demise, weeks of candle burning just sufficed the country fighters, walking mile and mile in silent protest shuddering the Government towards change in law.

But what about looming victims who will be caught in the trap again……..

Many of our political, social and religious worthies have been outdoing one another in putting forward some extraordinary suggestions to compact the larkness of lust. Ranging from girls to wear overcoats to asking them to recite mantras to abolish co-educate, and blame  western mores and chowmein.

But I had envisaged after imbibing long and hard to come up with few feature requisite:

Why not ‘men’ master Mike Myer from Love Guru by wearing a chastity belt, its was a device reportedly used by the crusaders for their wives long ago. In our enlightened times, it should be men who should be mandatorily made to wear chastity belts. Normal men who are not a debaucher should not feel offended as I am just making a brisk business for the firm that makes the product. “ It can bring a sense of security to any couple in need of additional trust.

The key should rest with the wives and as for unmarried men the key should rest with the nearest police station, where it will be unlocked on request after production of Aadhaar identity card and filling up a request form in quadruplicate.

Many people have suggested that women must learn how to defend themselves by going to karate classes and judo classes. But men, too must learn to be gender sensitive. That is why men must be forced to learn ballet dancing.

We must make it binding for a man to be accompanied by  a female relative whenever he goes out of the house. Offices and factories must provide accommodation for the female minders.

Many commentators have drawn attention to the pernicious impact that movies have on impressionable male audiences. While some have suggested that all women actors need to wear  burqas, I think all that is needed is the statutory warning ‘Beware, she may be dangerous to your health’, whenever a woman appears on the screen.

Lastly I will like to conclude Why is a committee designed to frame laws on defiler being headed by a man? In my humble opinion, the right candidate to head it would be Mamta Banerjee, with her black belt in Taekwondo.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….(No Offence)



Holiday Crafts:

My Ultimate Creation
The early morning   distilled with in me a sense to create something special for my brother and my best friends wedding engagement. After surfing through the net for quite a time, I felt that an engagement ring holder would do wonders. But what kind of a holder do I craft, after scrolling a lot through my craft  and my Xmas collection I found a beautiful table topper swans that I purchased long time back in the Mount Mary Bandra fair. To be ingenuous it never stuck to me to employ these gorgeous handmade craft that I already had.
         I had a basket engrossed with lace that I had procured three years ago from Crawford market in Mumbai. I marveled at the idea of combining the two beautiful elements that I encompassed. In order to refurbish the look of the holder, I purchased a 1.5 meter long organdy cloth from the craft store and made  few roses and smartened them up elegantly by decorating it with pearl beads from the Christmas hangings that I had and revamped the lace basket with those.
DSC02297 DSC02298
To give it a cascading basket effect, luckily I had some purple color flower sprays I combined the roses along with those flowing sprays towards the end of the basket.
At last I took some plain white net stuck some pearl beads around it and thou the resting swans were ready to carry the couples ring.
The final look swamped upon my table alive as the way I imagined.
This is it,
So guys don’t get flabbergasted by this just shudder with your imagination a little and you will be enthralled by what you create along the line.

Thanks for viewing your comments are most welcome……………..